Approved by Causa BV
Specialist in validations

Causa BV checks and validates disinfection and sterilization equipment in Healthcare, Pharma and Food. In doing so, we contribute to the safety and health of your employees, patients and customers on a daily basis. The standard is the basis, your continuity is our starting point.

With Causa BV as an independent partner in quality and security, you know that it’s all right. Our specialists inspect and validate all your equipment for disinfection, decontamination and sterilization. With reliable software and clear reports we show that your processes work. We show that your instruments and environment are sterile and safe.


You can rely on your equipment and on the knowledge and advice of our people. Of course we work according to the applicable guidelines. As an active member of, among others, the NEN Norm Committee Sterilization and Sterility, we also contribute to the standards for your quality.


Approved and approved by Causa BV. With this you work with certainty, quality and continuity.