What we do

Validated processes, safe environment

Safety is a certainty when your equipment and processes work flawlessly. Causa BV inspects, investigates and validates so that you know it is right. The cleanest and safest environment for your patients, that’s what you and us are about.

Reliable disinfection and sterilization equipment guarantees the cleanest instruments. And with that the safety of your employees and patients. With this aim our specialists check and validate all your decontamination equipment and processes.


Causa BV checks and validates, among other things:


• Instrument washing machines, both batch equipment and car washes
• Scope disinfectors
• Bedpan washers and laboratory washing machines
• Steam and liquid sterilizers
• Ethylene oxide and formaldehyde sterilizers
• Hot air sterilizers, both batch equipment and tunnels
• Drying cabinets
• Refrigerators and rooms
• Freezers and rooms
• Freeze drying and freezing processes

Quality through partnership

NEN and ISO standards form the basis of your quality. You get the real security from validated equipment and reproducible processes. With Causa BV as your independent partner you are assured of an objective and discrete assessment.


Certainty starts with insight. You get that through the validations and measurements that our qualified specialists perform. Periodically or at the moment it is needed for you. We make it clear whether your equipment is working properly and whether your processes are reliable today and tomorrow.

With pragmatic reports, we clearly show your quality and tell you whether you meet the applicable standards and guidelines. This means that the patient safety within your institution is black and white and you have clear and recognized documents to show that you work well and safely.


Advice, improvement and implementation

If there are areas for improvement, we will of course advise you on where and how it can be done more safely. For this we make a concrete and feasible plan that we carry out with you or for you. In such a way that your daily work and processes can continue undisturbed.


Any improvements in processes or working methods demand current knowledge. With practical training we help your employees on the road to implementing and applying (new) correct processes. In this way we work together with you and your people on the continuity of your quality.


Would you like to know more about what we do and what Causa BV can do for you and your organization? Please contact our specialists first. We are happy to tell you more.