Our services

Causa BV checks and validates disinfection and sterilization equipment. We are at home in the Healthcare, Pharma and Food sectors. The safety and health of your employees, patients and customers is our goal.

Our specialists inspect and validate all your equipment for disinfection, decontamination and sterilization. Naturally, we do this in accordance with the applicable standards and guidelines. We also use innovative equipment and software that we develop and secure in collaboration with Eindhoven University of Technology. Always up-to-date and reliable.

Knowledge and insight form the basis of required quality and correct processes. We therefore gladly share our knowledge with users, technicians, managers and with you. Trust our advice, build on our training courses.


Our specialists have deep knowledge of disinfection and sterilization equipment and processes. Through education, training and continuous training you can count on sound advice. See us as your source of information and as your partner in knowledge and insight.


A beginner course for your new employee, a training to refresh or enrich your knowledge of yourself and your colleagues. With practical courses and training we help you and your people in the implementation and application of (new) correct processes. The basis for safety and quality.