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Validation and advice for Healthcare, Pharma and Food

Where health, safety and security play a role, there you will find the specialists from Causa BV. Both in the Netherlands and Belgium we provide the validation of disinfection and sterilization processes in Healthcare, Pharma and Food.

With our approach and advice you can rely on the quality and continuity that is so important for your organization, and above all for your employees and patients or customers. From a small sterilizer in a dental practice to a hot air steriliser in the pharmaceutical industry: Causa proves that you meet the standard. And if the measurement results deviate from this, you can count on concrete advice. In this way we work together on optimal processes and the safest working environment.


We validate, measure, monitor and advise, inter alia, in/at:


• Hospitals
• Pharmaceutical industry
• Manufacturers of medical devices
• Private clinics
• Nursing homes
• GPs
• Dentists
• Tattooshops
• Food industry
• Microbiological laboratories
• Veterinary industry