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To perform validation measurements, the used equipment has to meet the requirements in standards, for example the EN 285 and ISO 17665 for steam sterilization and the ISO 15883 for washer/disinfectors. Next to fulfilling the requirements the equipment must be user-friendly, easy to transport and ready to use on location in a short period. The equipment we developed fulfills these demands:


Unit EN 285 (as example for requirements) causa measuring equipment
Temperature Clause
accuracy ± 1 %
 or better over
the range 50 °C to 150 °C;
Better than 0.2 °C (full scale)
Resolution  0.1 °C or better  0,1 °C
Frequency scanning
sampling each channel of 2,5 s
or more
From once every hour to 1000 times per second (1000 Hz)
Pressure Clause
accuracy of ± 1,6 % or better

over the range 0 kPa to 400
kPa (- 1 bar to 3 bar)
Better than 1 kPa (full scale)
Resolution Clause
resolution of 1 kPa (0,01 bar)
or better
 0.1 kPa
Frequency scanning
sampling rate for each
channel of 1s or better
 From once every hour to 1000 times per second
(1000 Hz)