How we work


Our approach

A plan of action is prepared in conjunction with the client. After approval of this plan, a validation protocol is formulated. The protocol describes, among other things, what measurements must be carried out, what criteria will be used for testing as well as the reporting format.

Subsequently, in consultation with the client, a planning is set up for the onsite activities, taking into account the production needs of the relevant department. After completion of the onsite investigation, we prepare a report as described in the validation protocol.

The prevailing laws, legislation and standards are of course complied with during the various stages of the investigation. The knowledge and experience available at causa bv is entirely at your disposal, but you, as the client, ultimately determines what we can do for you.



Standards and guidelines are of major importance and therefore we willingly contribute to them. Some important standards and guidelines in the field of decontamination and validation include:

Dutch guidelines, EN285, EN554, EN13060, ISO17665 and EN15883.

See also: NEN:


“We are constantly reviewing the most recently published scientific literature in peer reviewed journals, which keeps us informed of new trends and findings in the field of decontamination and validation of medical equipment”. See publications.


Multiple associations are active in our field, some of them are listed below:





Without knowledge it is not possible to develop a system, and without development it is not possible to keep the quality standard high enough for healthcare. We keep our knowledge up to date by:

  • Performing validations
  • Participate in (international)standard committees in the field of decontamination
  • Develop hard- and software
  • Cooperate with the University of Technology, Eindhoven the Netherlands
  • Participation in educational programs from basics in sterilization to post graduate university
  • courses.

In case you are interested in establishing cooperation, we can discuss from franchising to selling the equipment with software.

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