Validation of washing and disinfection equipment
We perform the validation of your washing and disinfection equipment.
Examples include:
– Instrument washers, both batch equipment and tunnel washers
– Scope disinfectors
– Bedpan rinsers
– Laboratory rinsing machines

Validation of sterilization equipment
We perform the validation of various types of sterilization equipment.
Examples include:
– Steam sterilizers
– Liquid sterilizers
– Hot air sterilizers, both batch equipment and tunnels
– Ethylene oxide sterilizers
– Formaldehyde sterilizers

Validation of other processes
There are many processes in which temperature, pressure and relative humidity are of major importance and need to be kept within strict margins. We can measure and validate these processes for you in accordance with your specifications or accepted standards.
Examples include:
– Drying boxes
– Refrigerators and cold stores
– Freezers and freezing chambers
– Freeze-dry processes
– Deepfreeze processes

We carry out research into various aspects regarding decontamination. In certain cases, you, as a manufacturer/supplier, must submit a validated sterilization procedure to your client. We can help you by validating your procedure on the one hand and by developing a new procedure on the other. The Netherlands and Europe often apply different sterilization processes than the United States. In that case you must perhaps adjust and validate the current procedure.